HR Services

We offer a range of Human Resource services customized to fit the needs of start-up and mid-size companies. We recognize that having the right people working on your team alongside with solid HR solutions designed for start-up and midsize business are crucial to allow your company to operate the way you need it to.

Delivering high-quality HR and Staffing solutions is our top priority.

Hiring the right people to do the job and implementing solid practices (like some of the best companies in the world do) will help you retain your top performers.

Full Cycle Recruiting Service: Recruiting Services Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Whether you have a well-established recruiting process or you’re just starting out, we can connect your company to high-quality candidates and talents and select the best match for your roles.

  • Hiring Manager Intake and Designing Candidate Profiles
  • Creating Job Descriptions
  • Talent Sourcing and Headhunting
  • Screening, Interviews, and Assessment
  • Reference Checking
  • Contracts and Employment Documentation
  • Onboarding

Recruiters’ Intensive Training

Navigate the talent acquisition field better and produce the results you and your company need through web-based Recruiters’ training sessions:

  • Master effective job interviewing (and the behind-the-scene secrets before and after it)
  • Address your common employee selection dilemmas and headaches: What to look for in the right candidates
  • Transform your screening process into an efficient system
  • Avoid the “Sparkling Resumes and Topnotch Applicant Communication Skills Deception” Trap
  • Avoid settling with employees that get excited only on their first few weeks/months on the job
  • Boost your recruiter credibility – avoid making wrong hiring decisions again and again
  • Identify the right talents, become competent recruiters, and be more valuable in the company than you know
  • Get a better Return on Investment (ROI) from hiring resources spent, and
  • Build a robust workforce to expand and grow your business

Employee Training Programs

Live Web-Based Interactive and Engaging Training Sessions Customized to Address Your Employees’ Training Needs Designed to Improve Performance, Business Outcomes, And Workplace Culture

1. Leadership Training for High-potential Employees/Aspiring Managers and Incumbent Managers

  • Transition to Leadership
  • Building Work Credibility – Results-Oriented
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Personal Productivity
  • Delegating with Confidence
  • Giving Effective Feedback: Real-time and Difficult Feedback
  • Performance Reviews
  • Developing Talents
  • Hiring and Keeping the Best

2. Effective Presentation and Public Speaking: Creating Compelling Presentations (Patterned with New York-based and Sought-After Presentation Trainer)

  • Discover the psychological levers that catch audience attention
  • Organize key messages for maximum effect
  • Engage audiences and add interest to any presentation
  • Communicate technical and complex information clearly
  • Design presentation deck that works

3. Business Communication: Deliver Your Messages Clearly and Efficiently

  • Communicating with C-level Executives and Directors: Powerful Business Writing and Speaking Style
  • Writing Effective Letters, Memos, and Emails

4. Designing Your Own Effective Training Programs: ROI-focused

  • Needs Assessment and Developing the Training Design
  • Delivering a Dynamic Training Session
  • Addressing Training Problems with Training Tips and Tricks
  • Measuring the Training Programs’ Return on Investment
  • The Six Ds of Training and How to Benefit from Them

HR Processes Set-up, Documentation, and Improvements (for Start-up and Mid-size Companies)

Designing HR Processes, Policies and Documentation, and HR Process Improvements – Lean Six Sigma for HR

  • Establish HR Policies Aligned with Labor Law
  • Establish Recruiting and Onboarding Procedures
  • Outline Regulations for Compliance and Align Processes and Procedures
  • Design a Suitable Compensation and Benefit Policies
  • Set-up Performance Management Methods

Compensation and Benefit Services

Formulate Equitable and Competitive Pay Structures (for Start-up and Mid-size Companies)

  • Creating Market-based Pay (Flexible)
  • Designing Pay Grade (Structured Salary Grade Customized based on Company’s Compensation Philosophy and Employee Pay Equity)